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Visualizing Innovation: Car Configurators

In an era where digital engagement is the key to customer satisfaction, our recent configurator project gives more to potential customers, this immersive system is more than a digital tool.

Virtus Studios has transformed a straightforward purchasing choice into an experience by offering buyers a virtual environment to explore, customize, and visualize their dream vehicle.

Real time car configurators are an excellent example of how gaming technology can significantly improve the value of a product. This is how its done:

Real-time Car Configurators:

An immersive configurator allows users to customize their chosen car model in real-time. From colors to seats to wheel and interior designs, customers can see their choices come to life instantaneously. This immediate feedback enhances the customer's interaction, making the buying process more enjoyable and less daunting.

Live Car customisation in the Lexus Automobile configurator. Showcasing the power or immersive industry applications that have many uses ranging from promotional material to assistance in a customers purchase


Realtime gaming technology ability to put customers inside a car in a virtual environment is one of its ground-breaking capabilities. Similar to what they would do in a physical showroom, customers can get into the driver's seat, look about, and experience the atmosphere inside the vehicle from the comfort of their home. This degree of immersion improves the entire purchasing process.

Virtual reality showcasing the user looking around the customised car inside making it a more valuable car configurating experience

Your Product, Anywhere:

Our most recent configurator for showcasing Lexus vehicles was built to enable customers to explore any vehicle specification, in any environment, from anywhere, on any device.

Immersive technologies like AR, VR, and XR are more than just concepts; they are revolutionizing the way consumers interact with a brand's product.

The Lexus Configurator we developed is a notable example, showing how we can transform any task into a valuable and engaging experience that benefits the brand and the customer in many ways.

But why stop at cars? Imagine the possibilities of customizing and visualizing furniture, homes, motorcycles or even boats. How could immersive technologies redefine customization in your industry? We'd love to hear your thoughts.


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