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Virtual Art Department

Experience the Future of Filmmaking with our Virtual Art Department (VAD). From intricate 3D designs to expansive digital worlds, our team at Virtus Studios will bring your worlds to life, ensuring a seamless blend of reality and stunning digital artistry.

What is VAD?

The Virtual Art Department (VAD) is a crucial component of modern filmmaking, particularly in major productions like "Avatar" and "The Mandalorian." This specialized team crafts digital elements, ranging from intricate 3D objects to expansive digital landscapes. These creations serve not only for post-production but are also used in real-time during filming, offering directors and cinematographers immediate insights into the scene's final appearance.

While traditional art departments focus on physical sets and props, the VAD works exclusively in the digital realm, ensuring that every element, whether tangible or virtual, seamlessly integrates on screen. Through their collaboration, using techniques like LED screens and green screening, they achieve a harmonious blend of reality and digital enchantment, enhancing the overall cinematic experience for audiences.

What are the Benefits?

Real-Time Creativity:

LED walls offer immediate photorealistic environments, enabling real-time adjustments and creative decisions for directors, cinematographers, and actors without waiting for post-production.

Cost and Time Efficiency:

Virtual Production on LED walls reduces costs and logistical challenges associated with on-location shoots. It simulates diverse environments, weather conditions, and times of day on soundstages, saving on travel, permits, and setup time.

Natural Lighting & Reflections

LED walls provide realistic, interactive lighting, enhancing scenes with accurate environmental lighting. This results in lifelike reflections on actors, costumes, and props, seamlessly blending physical and digital elements for a cohesive look.


Unlock the power of virtual production scouting! Choose the perfect virtual environments, assets, and interactive elements that harmonize with your project's creative vision, guaranteeing an immersive and unforgettable virtual or augmented reality experience.


See your concepts come to life before full development, ensuring optimal creativity and resource efficiency. It's your secret weapon for informed decisions and a smoother production journey. Elevate your project to new heights with previs today!


Experience the magic of visuals responding instantly to your every move, creating a seamless and captivating environment. Elevate your VAD projects with dynamic interactions, lifelike simulations, and stunning visual effects. Real-time rendering is your ticket to a truly engaging and immersive reality.

Recent projects

Reality Heist

Allegiant Air

  • Why use Unreal Engine for your project?
    Unreal Engine is a powerful game engine developed by Epic Games, known for its versatility and stunning graphics. Created by Tim Sweeney in 1998, the game engine has been used to produce popular games like Gears of War and Fortnite. The first game built on this engine was Unreal, launched in 1998. Let’s see how Unreal Engine can be your perfect match. Game Size and High-Quality Graphics Because of its high-fidelity and photorealistic 3D visuals, Unreal is the best game engine for creating AAA games and implementing VR. On the other hand, the Unity game engine works better for midsize projects and indie developers. Unreal includes plentiful resources for making realistic graphic content which adds to the game’s immersiveness. A powerful shading system, lifelike physics, and dynamic lighting are just a few of the features the Unreal Engine offers. Prototyping Without writing a single line of code, a game developer may generate complex prototypes and a lot of game functionality using the Blueprint Visual Scripting system of Unreal Engine. As a result, you can lower development expenses significantly. Also, this game engine is very flexible, so you may make it match your unique requirements. Multi-platform Development Software deployment and porting with Unreal Engine don’t require as much time and resources needed for alternative game engines. The variety of platforms is pretty astounding and includes PC, mobile, and console ones like Windows, Linux, macOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, as well as Android and iOS. Reliability The reliability that Epic Games provides is one of the key factors that makes Unreal the best game engine out there. When creating games, Epic Games uses the same tools accessible to everyone. You can be confident that Epic Games’ toolkits and applications are unmatched because they are one of the top game developers and publishers worldwide.
  • Why outsource to Virtus Studios?
    Outsourcing Unreal Engine game development to us can be a wise decision for several reasons. 1. High level of expertise: Our game developers have 4+ years of expertise in Unreal Engine game development, ensuring the quality and efficiency of the project. Every Unreal game developer at Virtus Studios knows how to harness the power of this game engine and create games that’ll blow minds. 2. Cost-efficiency: Outsourcing Unreal Engine development to us can be more profitable than developing in-house, as it eliminates the need for expensive equipment and hiring additional staff. Plus, we ensure that our services are competitively priced without compromising quality. 3. Rapid development with ROI: Our high level of expertise working with Unreal Engine allows for rapid game development and time to market, which can lead to a faster return on investment. 4. Dedicated team: We can provide a dedicated team to work on your project, which allows you to focus on other essential aspects of your business. Our team will work closely with you throughout the development process to ensure that the end product meets your requirements and expectations. 5. Total transparency: We use various tools (e.g., Miro Board, Jira, etc.) to ensure transparent communication. Our Unreal Engine team always keeps our clients in the loop and is ready to address any questions or concerns they may have. This ensures that our clients are fully aware of the project’s status and can provide feedback when necessary. Outsourcing Unreal Engine development to us is an excellent choice for businesses that want to leverage the cost efficiency, high professionalism, and faster time to market that Virtus Studios offers. To demonstrate our skills, we are working on a new project – an AAA first-person shooter game Discovery on Unreal Engine 5 ourselves, covering both game development and art production. We strive to provide exceptional quality services to our clients and are committed to delivering on time and within budget. Contact us to start developing your own games with Unreal Engine now!
  • What roles can Virtus Studios cover?
    Virtus Studios has an impressive network of over 50 developers, consisting of both our in-house team and trusted freelancers. We offer full production and co-production services including: - Game production - Programming - 3D character art - 3D environment art - Animation - QA testing

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