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Three Lights VR

Three Lights immerses players in the trenches of World War I, unfolding a narrative of family and war as they interact with the characters. Through realistic motion-captured headshots and active participation in the unfolding storyline, players experience the emotional and harrowing realities of wartime.

Project Overview

Three Lights Virtual Reality journey into the gritty reality of World War I, seen through the eyes of a British soldier. As participants navigate through family stories and the harsh truths of wartime, they're invited into a deeper comprehension and emotional connection to this historic era. Through interactive storytelling enhanced with realistic motion-captured headshots, players are not merely observers but active participants in a narrative that provides an avenue for empathy and understanding during the chaos of war.

Our Contribution

Porting into VR transforms traditional content into immersive experiences by customizing controls and interactions, broadening the audience reach.

Adding storytelling scenes introduces interactive narratives with visual and auditory cues, enhancing user engagement.

Optimizing for VR, through performance tweaks and ensuring high frame rates, is key to a smooth, enjoyable user experience, minimizing motion sickness and ensuring accessibility across various VR hardware.


Let's collaborate

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