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Immersive virtual reality experience built with Unreal Engine, documenting the history and culture behind the 1974 Muhammed Ali vs George Foreman fight. Interactive audio visual experience.

Our Role

We’re taking you back. Waaaaaaaaaaaaay back. To 1974. To a place called Zaire. To The Rumble in the Jungle. Enter the most sacred space in all of sports, the Locker Room, and become Muhammad Ali moments before the biggest fight of his life.  Run drills, interact with authentic 3D objects and immerse yourself in Ali and his corner man's journey that brought them to this pivotal moment.


We used photogrammetry to capture detailed textures of the boxing gloves used in the real fight, achieving lifelike realism in our immersive experiences. This allowed us to seamlessly integrate these scanned assets, providing users a tangible connection to the physical gloves used in the real fight.

Glove Wireframe.jpeg


This immersive experience broke barriers by making itself accessible across the entire country, not just at the theatrical show in London. We ensured that the experience was designed to transcend geographical limitations, allowing people from different corners of the nation to participate. What's more, it was crafted to be natively compatible with Oculus, one of the leading virtual reality platforms, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for Oculus users.

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Let's collaborate

Need some creative support? Check out our previous projects and see for yourself first hand what our talented artists are capable of.

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