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Senze revolutionizes the retrofitting industry by providing an advanced digital twin application. It enables real-time assessment and cost-effective solutions for decarbonizing and enhancing the energy performance of the UK's housing stock.

The Brief

Senze is an application designed to tackle the issue of carbon emissions and energy inefficiency in the housing sector. This innovative application seamlessly blends advanced digital twin technology with LiDAR scanning to provide heating recommendations.

How It Works

The Senze application starts by conducting precise LiDAR measurements of residential properties. This data forms the basis for creating an accurate digital twin—a complete digital replica serving as an all-encompassing data hub for each asset. This digital twin not only visualizes the physical environment but also automatically provides tailored heating product recommendations.

Through real-time reporting and analytics, this digital twin enables homeowners and stakeholders to make data-driven decisions for retrofitting. The result is a transformative solution that significantly lowers carbon emissions, boosts energy efficiency, and cuts utility costs.

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