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MoT Conference

Build of a virtual reality conference space app for the Oculus Quest Pro for Saudi minsters/royalty. Virtus Studios built the space, environments, characters, functionality and all media to be showcased from scratch.

The Brief

In an effort for the Ministry of Tourism in Saudi Arabia to deliver their presentations in a more engaging way, Virtus Studios were tasked with building a virtual conference space within Virtual Reality. With a deadline of just two weeks, Virtus Studios picked up tools and built an environment and conference solution in Unreal Engine 5 where ministers and Saudi royalty can traverse the space, see traditional powerpoints converted into engaging motion graphics projected infront of them over vast landscapes including the desert, mountains, sea and even the line.

Included Features

Native Oculus Quest 2 & Oculus Pro deployment (no wires)
Synchronized conference space
Conversion of traditional PowerPoint to engaging motion graphics with timed narration
Free roam exploration mode
Virtual set build based on traditional Saudi Arabia architecture
Custom floating user interface for mode selection
Localization options for both English and Arabic languages
2x bespoke characters in traditional Saudi dress with roaming AI

Let's collaborate

Need some creative support? Check out our previous projects and see for yourself first hand what our talented artists are capable of.

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