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Compass Training Sim

3D set build for two real world locations for use in virtual production on a green screen and Realtime training simulations. All assets built from scratch to run in real time using Unreal Engine 5.

The Brief

We were tasked with creating virtual sets for the largest restaurant chain with over 6,000 restaurants world wide. These were to be used within training simulations. The client opted to use virtual sets to preserve the longevity of their training allowing easy updates and continued use of the same space. Using virtual sets also allows to client to spin up environments across all continents.

Included Features

2x large virtual set builds including kitchens, restaurants, office areas, exteriors
Full delivery and ownership of virtual production pipeline including previz, virtual set build, on-set, post production
Training simulation allowing users to explore the virtual environment, interact and see various training simulations in real time
Rendering using new progressive rendering techniques in Unreal Engine 5

Let's collaborate

Need some creative support? Check out our previous projects and see for yourself first hand what our talented artists are capable of.

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