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Interactive Configurators

Real-time Customisation for 🫵Your products

Interactive configurators are sophisticated tools that allow users to personalize products or designs in real-time, providing a hands-on approach to tailoring products to meet individual requirements.

A new personalised experience.

Automotive Configurators

High detail visualisation & complete customisation for more educated customer buying experiences.

Architecture & Interior Design

Comprehensive project visualisation with real-scale previews of spaces. 

Personalised Fashion & Apparel

Enhanced presentation to showcase style and quality with greater appeal.

Real-time Configurators.

Real-time configurators transform customer engagement by allowing users to instantly customise products and designs in various environments, enhancing the digital shopping experience & education with responsive, personalised visualisations.


Increase in conversion rates with the use of interactive configurators


Increase in spending value, for products customers can customise in configurators


Saved on average annually through reduced returns and customisation errors

Accessible from Anywhere, Anytime.

Pixel streaming is used to guarantee high-quality, real-time video streaming of a system, that will work on any device with access to an internet browser. This means that intricate configurators can be accessed from anywhere without the need for powerful hardware on the users end.

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