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EmberVein is a third person cooperative action game where you can play with up to 3 other players. Survive against waves of soldiers, drones and bosses while leveling up characters; gaining new and exciting ways to customize and adapt your playstyle.

As you survive, you level up your experiment. This will unlock new mutations that allow you to completely customize how you play.



We've released a singleplayer combat prototype of EmberVein to the public.

While not all systems and characters are implemented yet, we encourage everyone to download and give us feedback to help us improve the game.

Download for free using the button below.


EmberVein is something that the team built in their spare time, with the aim of showing what a small team of passionate developers can build independantly with a unique vision.


While the team behind EmberVein remain incredibly passionate about the game, it is currently on hold until we are able to find a publishing/funding partner to able to bring the game to life. Until then, be sure to checkout the prototype and provide us feedback to help us improve it.

Luke Anderton | Benjamin Ayres-Kerr | Evan Geissler | Joshua O'Hala | Ben Weeman | Julia Chan | Daniele Amabili | Matteo Maravalle | Goncalo Dos Santos | Anna Perci | Jordan Rees | Manuel Rondon

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