Realtime 3D Instructor (Blender) 

Posted 14/04/2022

At Virtus Studios, we are a passionate training provider for real time development in the video game, architectural visualization, and virtual production spaces.

We strive to create the ‘one stop shop’ for aspiring creators, being able to learn and maximize the use of real time software in their workflows.

We offer training in a structured and engaging way, empowering creators to do what they do best, creating awesome content. They can do this knowing they have got quality learning to drive their success and a community to support them along the way.

Being part of Virtus Studios means continually striving to innovate and do right by our community.

Our Instructors work with customers to understand what 3D skills they will need in order to adopt Unreal in their workflows. Instructors then propose training outlines to address those needs. As well as teaching, instructors are designing and building courses and curriculum for clients. They usually specialize in one industry and also train and mentor training partners.


What You'll Do

  • Working closely with clients to identify opportunities to improve their pipeline and techniques through skills training.

  • Building course outlines, creating sample projects and exercises, writing training content and leveraging existing training materials.

  • Teaching fundamental knowledge and advanced techniques that empower customers to achieve their goals.

  • Delivering training remotely/with virtual learning tools and via pre-recorded videos.

  • Resolving technical challenges and providing mentoring in live Q&A sessions with customers.

  • Continually growing own knowledge of the 3D and customer pipelines in order to provide effective training and mentoring to customers.

What we’re looking for

  • Solid understanding of 3d modeling, texturing and optimisation for real in real time application.

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to interact with a variety of customers.

  • Experience with game engines and one or more related industries (Architecture, Manufacturing, TV or Film Production).

  • Passion for training in professional and academic settings.

  • Demonstrate thought leadership in-field of expertise (online presence, involvement in significant projects, awards, and prizes, etc.)

This role is perfect for somebody with existing 3D skills, looking for an opportunity to stay up to date with upcoming technology, mastering their skills working with clients and producing learning material of their own.

Like what you hear? Come be a part of something new!


Job Type: Full-time

Location: GU97HX

Salary: £20,000.00-£25,000.00 per year